Singer Michael Ketterer brings America's Got Talent judge Simon Cowell to tears The majority of people with Cerebral Palsy spend their lives being judged by their diagnosis. They are seen as their diagnosis, and viewed far too often, as being unable to accomplish great things. When caregivers unwittingly believe this lie, they stay locked in their place of trauma and hopelessness and don’t make the effort to dream big dreams for their children, and then set about making them come true. The result is far too many CP children that do not reach their potential.

It is for this reason that individuals like America’s Got Talent contestant, Michael Ketterer, stands out. Ketterer is a father of six children; five of which he and his wife adopted from foster care, including Rodrigo, a 9-year-old boy with Cerebral Palsy. Michael is not only a father to a boy that spent the first part of his life feeling isolated and unloved, he chose to put a stake in the sand to show his children what can be accomplished if you dare to dream and then act on them.

Michael performed in front of the America’s Got Talent judges, and through his passion, his talent, and his story, he was able to move the famously cantankerous Simon Cowell to tears.


Seeing the emotion and power behind Michael is touching, and shows the power of love and parenthood. Rodrigo couldn’t ask for a better advocate, or a better dad!


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