It isn’t easy having your voice heard. It’s even harder when you’re young. Imagine trying to convince others to listen to you as a teenager with a disability. That’s what makes kids like Katie Allee so incredible.

Katie in Washington D.C. via Gillette Children’s Specialty Healthcare

Katie in Washington D.C. via Gillette Children’s Specialty Healthcare

The 15 year old from Minnesota was able to take a trip to Washington D.C. this year to speak to lawmakers, including Senators Al Franken (D-MN) and Amy Klobuchar (D-MN) during this summers healthcare debate. Her goal was simple: to share her experiences with Gillette Children’s Specialty Healthcare, a non-profit hospital in Minneapolis specializing in kids with complex conditions, rare disorders and traumatic injuries, as well as showing in person how much of a difference healthcare can make for kids like herself.

Katie’s experience not only motivated Senator Franken to talk about her in a speech, it solidified Katie’s goal as she looks towards college an beyond.

“I really care a lot about advocating for kids that don’t’ have a voice,” said Katie. “I’m kind of looking into law right now. I like the idea of being able to continue advocating for my career and I think law would provide that opportunity.”

Katie is absolutely brilliant and wonderful, and seeing all the work she’s done at such a young age should push all of us to follow her lead!

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